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Secondary World

Secondary World

High Fantasy

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First settled long ago the continent of Carthall boasts an incredibly diverse and dense population. Many small and medium sized kingdoms cover the land, ruling over the people and clashing with one another in massive wars. These kingdoms are always in motion, with new ones rising and falling every hundred years or so. Folks from other lands far away often joke that each kingdom of Crathall is always either conquering another kingdom or fighting for their freedom from an oppressive kingdom- they rarely know peace. This incredibly competitive and violent history means that the kingdoms who do thrive are powerhouses, with a very strong military tradition and large standing armies.

The continent not only contains a multitude of cultures and peoples, but also a very diverse landscape. Mountain ranges are scattered around the region, thick forests cover vast swaths of land to the south and the south east. Giant plains stretch across the open landscape, caked with the blood of battles past. Even deserts and large swamps can be found in the most remote and sparsely populated areas of the land (although even the most sparsely populated land on the continent of Carthall would be called dense in other regions).

The society in Carthall has always been a land built around myths and legends. These stories have been passed down generation to generation and still define the culture of the land. Although few take these stories as the literal truth for their history, there may be some truth to them. Many people believe that Carthall is the oldest bed of human civilization in the world.

Although some scribes dispute this theory, it is widely believed to be the truth. The Myths say that the first king of Carthall was the son of the gods- Seida sent to build the strongest civilization in their name. Stories told to young children born in Carthall describe the adventures and trials that Seida had to face while trying to build his kingdom. However, the gods could not agree on how the kingdom should be run, and fought over the future of the land. Eventually, after the death of Seida, the kingdoms splinted off.

Scholars and religious leaders claim that the thousands of years of fighting on the continent of Carthall is the result of the gods fighting over the future of the land. They say that when the gods clash, so do their people, but whether this is true or not is impossible to tell.

The people of Carthall are usually described as hard and tough, which does make sense, considering their history of constant war and fighting. Most of those who oppose the constant wars over land and religion in Carthall have already left the land for a more peaceful shore. Most outsiders who come to Carhall for trading or other purposes tend to stay away from discussing the political situation with the locals, as it can really only lead to issues.

by mernac





June 6, 2017