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Mernac is high fantasy world with strong mythological aspects based on the stories and art of Rick Merriman. Here you will find 20+ tightly intertwined novels or novellas with hundreds of backstories and breathtaking art illustratiting them.

In late summer 2021 we will have a Kickstarter to fund the completion of phase one on the story content and to make it a:
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THE LEGENDS Goldenfur Becoming Samerzee The Book of Grumby Kragle's Carvings The Sins of Airianna The First Dragon Full List of Stories arrow_downward The Book of Grumby All Legends List Thaddius Orville the Third (Grumby) has been tasked to write the history of The Sap Wars in order to become a Sage. He has never been able to complete the task... until a Stranger wanders into the Traddlebow Arms where he worked as a storyteller for his coin and mead. About Grumby Read Story Story Art Play As Grumby The First Dragon All Legends List Long before the Race of Man, Kalos, The Fire Dragon, was hatched when the Gods created an egg crafted from a ruby. Though Kalos was given the gift of speech he and all dragons after him were born without a soul. Kalos spends his entire life trying to find his soul and the "Truth" of why his twin sister Kellium was murdered by the Gods. About Kalos Read Story Story Art Play As Kalos The Sins of Airianna All Legends List Airianna Glowstar is known in her village as the Faerie who simply refused to grow up. Like most Faes, Airianna retains the 16-Season-old appearance she had when she went through "the change," and now all males who look into her eyes, or consumes her tears, become a slave to her every whim. How she uses or misuses this ability over the Seasons has become to be known as The Sins of Airianna. About Airianna Read Story Story Art Play As Airianna Kragle's Carvings All Legends List Kragle Iros is a master Kayz wizard and the King of Kezia. As the illegitimate son of Barak, the Father of Darkness, he is driven to conquer all of Mernac. To do this he makes carvings of his opponents which gives him complete control over them... Just as he did with his brother Hogden when he made his sibling kill both their parents. About Kragle Read Story Story Art Play As Kragle Becoming Samerzee All Legends List Just before her 17h Birthday Soolee was kidnapped from her simple island home and sold by slavers to the Samerzee order. She is taught to be a be an entertainer, courtesan, and spy to those who can pay her Samerzee price. Little did she know that how well she pleases her clients would determine the fate of Mernac. About Soolee Read Story Story Art Play As Soolee Goldenfur All Legends List Mootill was born with golden fur so is destined to become the leader of his people. But when he is told that part of the ritual to become leader is that he must kill another, it goes against all he has ever believed in. Then when he find out if he does not kill the entire world of Mernac may slip into the hands of darkness, he knows that
soon all that he cherishes may
may be lost forever.
About Mootill Read Story Story Art Play As Mootill