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"The First Dragon" Art Contest

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Title of Art

Call Of War, Contest, High Fantasy

Her you can explain about your art, what inspired you or a little about yourself.

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Most think that Kalos was the first dragon placed on Mernac, but according to the learned scholars from The Great Library of Hob, this is not the case. From their studies of the Half Pages from The One Book, it has been discovered that actually his sister, Kellium was The First Dragon. The same “Kellium” who the mystical ink the Scribes use is named for.

But that was eons and eons, before the birth of the Race of Man, so it is quite understandable if the facts are sometimes muddled. In those early days, before the recording of words or the practice of writing was even conceived, Siberlee, The Mother of Nature, became bored with all the creatures on Mernac. It was not that she did not adore her creatures and beasts. It is well known that The Mother of Nature dearly loves all the creatures she and the other Gods had created. It was… It was because none of them had the gift of speech.

At the time, Siberlee had been on Mernac for some 5,000, perhaps 10,000 Seasons. Though she loved her 19 brothers and sisters dearly and spoke with them regularly – what could be said, had already been said 1000 times. What could be discussed, had already been discussed, time and time, again. Simply put, Siberlee wanted someone, or maybe something, new to speak with. So she asked her sister Sola, the Mother of Light and Life, to create a creature or beast who could talk. The two worked together for what may have been a Moon, or it may have been 1000 Moons, as time had little meaning to the Gods in those times. They used all the life-giving magic Sola had been born with. They tried to enhance this with Siberlee’s considerable powers. On fish and frog they tried. On eagle, bear, and even snake they experimented. From the smallest of ant to the largest of mammoth, the two Goddesses worked their magic and powers.

They had no success.

One Chandralee, that rare time when not one, but both of Mernac’s moons are full on the same night, the answer finally came. That particular night was magic itself. Not only were both the moons full, but the evening was cloudless and ten million dots, the stars of other worlds, could be clearly seen against the inky sky. Some of these shiny speckles even shot through the air in cascading patterns and with great regularity. All scholars agree it was a night like no other. Or at least, none since the first Chandralees during Creation when The One and The Other gifted Siberlee with all the Gods and Goddesses to help her build Mernac.

One such a night Siberlee knew that The One would speak to her mind, just as she had back during Creation. After 20 showers of stars shooting through the sky, one for each of the Gods and Goddesses, it is surmised, The One did, in fact, speak with Siberlee.

The deity who was all love and goodness explained to Siberlee the reason why she and her sister were not successful in creating a creature who could speak.

“Though Sola has the gift of life, and can create any manner of creature or beast, she cannot create a life that has a soul. Only the combined powers of The One and The Other can do that.”

The One explained it in even further detail. “A soul, Siberlee, is shaped by words spoken, and spoken worlds are shaped by a soul. So only those with a soul should be able to learn to speak.”

Then, like the mother, the matron, and the teacher The One always has been, and forever will be, she cautioned Siberlee sternly that it would be dangerous to the universe itself if there were ever those who could speak without a soul.

“Child, it is not something you should try or attempt. Though it has been over 10,000 Seasons you have been a Goddess… you are still a babe. It would be best if you let this desire go unfulfilled… at least for now.”

“But how could it be dangerous?” Siberlee whispered into her own mind. “I do not understand…”

“The gift of speech is much like the gift of magic, Siberlee, or even the gift of the light the sun gives when it rises in the morning. In all these, there must be balance. In magic, there is GA, our magic essence. Not enough GA and you can not perform certain magic. Here, GA is the balance to ensure we use our magic wisely.

With the light in the morning, is there not also the dark from the night before? If there was never any dark, the light would have no meaning. So here, dark is the balance of light.

Now with the gift of speech, the soul is the balance. The soul gives us perspective on the words we hear and provides a consequence, or what we call Trauncha, for those words which we choose to speak.

Without a soul, words could easily be spoken without consequence. They could be true or untrue. Hurtful or helpful. With genuine emotion or contrived manipulation. With such creatures, their words could, and would, be a jumble of anything. Simply put, speech from those without a soul would have no real meaning.”

The Mother of Nature listened to all that The One told her. It made good sense to her, as it always did. She wanted to heed her words and as an adolescent Goddess, she knew that she should blindly accept what had been suggested. But she was, if fact, still a young Goddess… and the wisdom of acceptance still eluded her.

So instead of acceptance, Siberlee argued. “It could do no harm to the universe, as we are on Mernac, and there are only my 19 brothers and sisters and I here. I am sure we would all be very careful.”

“No,” The One whispered.

“But I will take full responsibility for teaching the new creature words, and when they should, and should not, use certain words.”

“No,” The One whispered.

“Then may Sola create a speaking creature who does have a soul?”

“No,” The One whispered.

by Richard Merriman
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April 11, 2021